Saturday, April 24, 2010


I don't know if this is just the Denver area or what ... but, teenagers are parents are soooooo weird in their thinking. When did it become the "norm" that if you aren't happy in your home, not responsible, have no job and no ambitions but, want to move out because as a teenager you can't stand the requirements of being respectful and helpful in your own parents home and move into someone else's parents' home and this is ok with those other parents? I think this is soooo odd.

I can't imagine ever going to my parents and saying that I think one of my friends or boyfriends was going to move in and this would be ok. I also can't imagine it being ok to simply move in with my friend's/boyfriend's parents' home and this being ok.

This would have been the same situation with my daughter ... it just wouldn't have happened or even come up.

What in the heck is going on here?

My step-daughter has a friend whose boyfriend moved into her mom and stepdad's home and this was just fine until there was some kind of breaking point. The friend and her boyfriend then moved in with the friend's dad. The friend then broke up with the boyfriend and the boyfriend remained living with the dad. Is this not odd?

Now, my step-daughter has been disrespectful, threatening and rude to my husband and I and doesn't want to be responsible for the few things we have asked her to do in our home. So, she has moved in with her boyfriend. Neither she or the boyfriend have no jobs and the parents are ok with this. Is this not odd?

We wonder why young people have no respect for anything or anyone. Well, it's because they always have a way out and they don't have to deal with the reality of life.

I am having a hard time wondering about all of this and where this is all leading.


  1. It is a weird Colorado thing. :o)

  2. You completely lost me in the tangle of who's who and where with who and what. But I get the gist of it. Sometimes we have to learn our lessons on our own. Not sure how long this free ride will last for her and her boyfriend though. It may not be a respect or lack of thing. It may just be an 18 year old girl wanting to feel out her independence. In the end, I hope she's ok and doesn't get in over her head.