Saturday, April 24, 2010


I don't know if this is just the Denver area or what ... but, teenagers are parents are soooooo weird in their thinking. When did it become the "norm" that if you aren't happy in your home, not responsible, have no job and no ambitions but, want to move out because as a teenager you can't stand the requirements of being respectful and helpful in your own parents home and move into someone else's parents' home and this is ok with those other parents? I think this is soooo odd.

I can't imagine ever going to my parents and saying that I think one of my friends or boyfriends was going to move in and this would be ok. I also can't imagine it being ok to simply move in with my friend's/boyfriend's parents' home and this being ok.

This would have been the same situation with my daughter ... it just wouldn't have happened or even come up.

What in the heck is going on here?

My step-daughter has a friend whose boyfriend moved into her mom and stepdad's home and this was just fine until there was some kind of breaking point. The friend and her boyfriend then moved in with the friend's dad. The friend then broke up with the boyfriend and the boyfriend remained living with the dad. Is this not odd?

Now, my step-daughter has been disrespectful, threatening and rude to my husband and I and doesn't want to be responsible for the few things we have asked her to do in our home. So, she has moved in with her boyfriend. Neither she or the boyfriend have no jobs and the parents are ok with this. Is this not odd?

We wonder why young people have no respect for anything or anyone. Well, it's because they always have a way out and they don't have to deal with the reality of life.

I am having a hard time wondering about all of this and where this is all leading.

Finishing up Volunteering Part II

I wasn't really finished about volunteering so, here is the rest. Somehow it got sent to post before I was finished.

There are so many other ways to help and I am going to see what I can do to get Lynn and I on the volunteer list and to have a "Baby Shower" once a year to support this endeavor.

Here is the link if you'd like to check things out. I suggest you watch the "Baby Shower Video.

Even if you aren't in the Denver area, I am sure there is something in the place you live that offers the same assistance to babies and other situations. If your heart leads you, check it out!

Volunteering in Denver

Lynn and I, in conjunction with Comcast Cares Day, volunteered at Denver Health Center today. Lynn worked outdoors cleaning up flower beds, etc and I worked in the Newborns in Need area.

This was an amazing day for me as it gave me the opportunity to really *see* what others do and what is involved in such a tremendous program. I worked in an area where "Gift Bags" are prepared for new mothers/babies for those who are at or under the poverty level so that they don't go home after delivery with absolutely nothing.

In each of the bags are 2 packages of diapers, wipes, shampoo and baby wash, a receiving blanket, a packet of onesies, a nice outfit, socks/booties, a book with a signed card inside, a toy/teething ring, a homemade toy, a stuffed animal, a special gift which is a selection of a number of different types of items, and a large warm blanket. Each mother/baby leaves the hospital with one of these wonderful bags.

It bring to awareness how very fortunate we are. Lynn and I have talked and have decided that each time we go to Wal-Mart, we are going to spend $10 on something from the list of "bag items" and when we gather a large amount, we will make the connection to drop of our donation. This is not a large thing to do but, makes a huge difference.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What are Soul Mates?

I have thought and studied about this through the past 15+ years to try to understand that connection some people have in our lives.

I have come to believe that there are different types of “soul mates” and this doesn’t always mean a romantic/sexual connection but, instead a very strong connection that pulls at the heart strings/at the center of the soul.

I have met so many people through my life. Some of the people have been just people who are there at the same place/same time and then, there are the *others* who have such a memorable affect that they have shaken the core of who I am. These are the people who have truly touched my soul. To me, these are “Soul Mates”.

To me, Soul Mates are people who come into our lives and who make a difference in the essence of who we are. They are the people who stay with us from the time we meet until the end when we pass on to the next dimension. Whether we are in actual physical contact with these people or not … they are always part of us because of the soul connection. These connections are felt on both sides even if not realized at the time.

I am going to reminisce on these memories and think on how many people I can come up with that I consider a “soul mate” or part of my “soul family”:
My Grandmother: Verna Williams … I truly believe the reason I came into the family I did was to be able to connect with this wonderful woman who made such an impact on my life.
My Aunt Marilyn Gay: who never gives up … perseverance is who she is
Mrs. Bratton … my 4th grade teacher
My Daddy … Patrick Ridens … who I remember with laughter and true jolliness
Alan … my brother who is now with me only in memory
Todd Liverman
Ricky Easley
Kelly Moore
Jennifer Chenhall
Sterling Steeber
Lynn Harms who is integral in the healing of my soul. He is my life’s reward.
Judy Gomez
Vic Salazar ... This is a new connection that I am waiting to see how it evolves.

I could list more but, wanted to hit the key people that are in the uppermost of what I consider my “soul family” and people who have, in the past, helped to create who I am now and who are with me now (in the physical or otherwise) who continue to watch me grow and evolve.

I am so blessed to have had these people in my life and for them to continue to resonate in so many ways!

Monday, April 12, 2010

FaceBook Connections

I am so loving FB! and, the connections I am making. There are so many people in my life that I thought I would never see again even though they are part of my soul.

When I was 13, my family lived in Brady, Texas (the heart of Texas!). My brother and father were killed the summer I was 13 and my mother decided to move after Christmas of that year. My family had basically been ripped apart and now I was being ripped from everything I felt comfortable with ... my life and my friends.

At the time, I was shy and very naive and this move was extremely frightening and very much out of anything I was comfortable with.

There were so many friends in Brady that are somehow part of my *soul family* that I felt very disconnected from and torn in a sense. A few of these people have been ever-present in my memories and in my dreams.

One of my friends, Linda Larsh, is one of these people and I can't seem to get in touch with her for some reason. She has had numerous challenges in her life and I am not sure what is going on with all of this. I need to work harder at getting in touch with her.

I had another friend, Todd Liverman, who was somehow "related" but, through my step-father. He was definitely an amazing friend and probably would of been more if I had stayed and grown up in Brady. I have reconnected with him through FB and it has been fantastic. I felt some of the holes in my soul fall back in place as we talked and found our way back to where we are now.

There was someone else very special to me from Brady, Ricky Easley. He lived down the street from us and seemed ever-present in my life. He was a quiet boy who was interested in all kinds of things. I remember him having found a bat and brought it to show me one day. He had it in a babyfood jar (poor thing lol). He and I would walk from our houses down to an area where there was a dam (small dam). We walked across it a few times (my mom would have passed out if she had known). And, one time when in the area of the dam, we found a bee hive and almost knocked it out of the tree. We escaped unscathed.

I have had dreams about Ricky for years. After we moved, he and I wrote letters back and forth to each other for a couple of years. I still have the letters somewhere but, have been unable to locate them. Hopefully, I will run across them.

At the time, I was wild and crazy and didn't look at what I was missing by not taking this boy more seriously. I came back to Brady a few times after moving, staying with Linda Larsh and her family. I saw Ricky a few times but seemed to be more interested in faster/older boys at the time. I was foolish but, oh so young and very mixed up.

NOW! because of FB, I have re-connected with Ricky and this has been fabulous. Holes in the fabric of my weave are healing because of many of these types of connections and especially with those like Ricky.

What an amazing time we live in to be able to connect/re-connect this way!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Health Care Reform

I have been giving this topic so much thought in the past few weeks. These are my feelings in the changes going on in our country. This bill has been passed ... it's signed, sealed, delivered .... it's ours. So, now what do we do?

I have listened and heard the posts on Facebook in regards to this topic. Most have been irrational .. with joinings of different "FB groups" such as, "against Health Care Reform", etc. There are two people I know (on opposing sides) who have thoroughly researched their interests. These people are Dawn-Renee Mack (against this health care reform bill) and Laurie Gibson (for this health care reform bill). Both are highly educated people and are both very passionate about their government and what goes on.

If against this Health Care Reform Bill, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to wait the next few years until the new election and hope that any change of office will truly make a difference? Or, are you going to make a change now. If truly against this, start flooding your senators, congressmen/women and representatives with letters, emails, whatever. Have these letters and emails signed by as many people as you can find who shares your thoughts and interests ... your concerns. Make things happen now if this is truly distressing and frightening to and for you. YOU can make a difference and I'd truly like to see someone come up to the plate and actually do something they feel so passionate about.

If you agree with this Health Care Reform then find those who share this same sentiment and let your senators, congressmen/women and representatives know how you feel and that you support this action. Again, find those who agree and make a stand.

I personally feel Health Care Reform has been a long time coming and feel this is a beginning. I know this bill is flawed but, I also know that even in a year's time it will have changed so many times that it will be completely different. I am personally willing to wait and see how this resolves and how the American people help to fashion this into something that will truly work for the vast majority.

I have always felt we depend too much on a system that has been flawed for years. We, as a nation, have become a dependent people on "the system". We can't move or make a decision without insurance or pharmaceuticals involved. And, I know this doesn't help this situation. I am divided on how I feel about this Health Care Reform but, I still feel there is such a need for change that I am willing to wait this out and see how it evolves.

So, I guess now ... I just wait and see.

WLC World's Largest Crop

Yesterday, my CM (Creative Memories) friends and I went to the Merchandise Mart to crop away at the WLC (World's Largest Crop)! It was a great time together ... talking, eating chocolate, drinking more caffeine than any of us needed ... and, of course getting more photos into albums.

It seems like I can never truly catch up.

I am working on a family history album that is truly archival .. not much foo-foo for this one. I am working to write in it in my own handwriting so that is there as well for generations to come. (Look at how even handwriting has changed over 100 years.) Our family is very jangled and has to be pieced together so this takes time and thought on how to make it work and not be confusing.

I have all these great photos (and, am looking for more to come) with my granddaughters wearing sunglasses. So, I have created an 8x8 album that will be a continuation that I call "Ode to Sunglasses!". So, far it's quite cute!

I am also working on ongoing albums ... yes, albums, 8 to date ... of my granddaughters. These are fun and delightful to do. These are definitely foo-foo complete with info, etc as to what is going on. They are very "girly" and colorful!

I am getting ready to start an album with Lynn's life, his family, daughters and then when I was added into the "picture". Many of those are photos that have been developed from film so, I need to get started getting those scanned in so I can use them in scrapbooking.

I haven't done much digital-wise in regards to the actual scrapbooking but, am getting geared up to do just this with the Harms' photos!!! I think this will be a fun challenge.

Anyway, that is my rambling for now.
If anyone is ever interested in knowing more about archival scrapbooking and ideas on how to save your family's pictoral history and otherwise, just let me know and let's get together! Also, if you are interesting in actually getting started scrapbooking also, just let me know! I can HELP!

Have a wonderfilled day!